Ibiza’s sand dunes are eroding as a lot of people are having sex on them

There’s not anything sexy about ecological degradation, but Ibiza’s sand dunes are experiencing a quantity of grave harm due to a swell of thrilled tourists getting down and dirty in the sand.

Environmentalists are enraged because too many guests are having sex on the dunes of Ibiza’s admired Es Cavallet Beach, obliterating them in the practice.

The white sands and immaculate waters of the nudist beach are sufficient to get anyone keyed up, but biologists and geologists are worried, claiming that the doings are “degrading” the land and only one of its kind geological system.

“Free access [to the beach] is causing the break-up of the dunes and their structures,” biologist Joan Carles Palerm informed the newspaper. “The system that maintains [the dunes] is very complex, and any alteration – such as this continuous activity fatally affects them.”

The reported non-stop sex gatherings are troubling delicate plant life, which are vital for the environment, but are being constantly uprooted. In spite of being warned not to jump the barriers, with symbols positioned to discourage beachgoers, the dilemma continues.

In addition, Ibiza isn’t only one, with many other seashores in Spain, counting Mallorca and Menorca, experiencing the same problem.

So, next time you’re hanging out on a nudist beach in Spain with an irresistible urge to turn round around in the sand, consider the dunes, and save it for the hotel room.

[Source: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20190131-how-ibizas-party-really-started]