DIRTY MONEY Landlord rents out worst room in Ibiza with a bed right next to a washing machine for £36 a night

A LANDLORD has rented out the worst room in Ibiza, which offers a bed right next to a washing machine for £36 a night.

The advert was spotted on the global lettings site Airbnb, sparking outrage after users were quick to realise it is an “illegal listing”.

The Tourism Law of the Balearic Islands prohibits the rental of flats or rooms in private flats to tourists and Airbnb has been hit by substantial fines for not checking their adverts.

The room was advertised as a double bed in the laundry room of a house “ideal for one or two people to spend the night.”

Snaps that go along with the listing show a bed jammed in between a wall and an electric heater on both sides, with a washing machine supporting a sad bouquet of flowers on top of it.

The price for one night in the month of July is €40 (£36), plus six euros of the service fee of the rental platform, according to the listing.

The island’s newspapers say earning extra income by renting out any corner of the house is becoming more common in Ibiza.

The advert itself says Wi-Fi, soap, use of the kitchen and a common area to work with laptops are included services with the room.

Airbnb has since taken this listing down, after it breached its regulations.


Locals are trying to profit from the thousands of Brits keen to party on the Spanish Balearic Island.

Owners of holiday flats in Spain who rent them out illegally are being caught out by the police because of the number of towels hanging over balconies.

Tourist hotspots across Spain are currently clamping down on “black market” rentals.

Many of the apartments and villas are owned by Brits who hire them out in order to make ends meet after buying them during the property boom of 10 years ago.

Airbnb has been warned not to advertise illegal lettings and to check whether owners are authorised or not.

Last year, police raids were carried out on blocks of flats and in one single block in Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza, 22 flats were found to be rented out to holidaymakers illegally.

Residents had reported 32 illegal rentals.

In another block in Sant Joseph, residents said there were at least six flats being rented out regularly to tourists.

Inspectors have warned that even though no-one was in at other properties visited, they will be returning for further spotchecks.

Owners of illegal lettings will face fines of up to 40,000 euros with substantial reductions for early payment.

After this, they would have to withdraw them from the market or face further penalties.