OFF THE WAGON Warning to Brits as Ibiza taxi driver tests positive for all FIVE different drugs he was tested for by cops

POLICE in Ibiza have arrested a taxi driver who tested positive for every possible kind of drug after he was pulled over on the tourist island.

Officials said a drugs test showed he had cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines cocaine and opiates in his system after he was stopped in the island’s capital Ibiza Town.

It was not immediately clear if the cabbie has already appeared in court or whether he was carrying any passengers at the time.

Spanish police have the ability to test for five types of drugs.

The name and nationality of the taxi driver held by police has not been revealed.

The driver was arrested on Sunday as part of a weekend crackdown on narcotics on the island, which has become notorious a party hotspot where large quantities of drugs are taken.

Last year it was reported tourists heading to Ibiza were having drugs delivered the moment they touched down at the airport by un-licensed cabbies in deals sealed ahead of their flights over WhatsApp.

The illicit arrangements are being made even before their holidays begin, as a result of the growing trend of drugs groups set up on the popular app.

Other Brits are even getting drugs when they arrive at their hotels through the receptionists, it is being claimed, who get paid a commission by the criminal networks behind the operation.

One 24-year-old from Bristol, who has spent the last three years holidaying in San Antonio, described his experience of buying drugs.