4 West End Bars Face Music Ban & Fines For Fixing Sound Meters

Precintado; the Spanish for sealed, and the last word any music bar owner wants to hear, or worse still see, as it usually comes in tape form.

The Local Police of Sant Antoni have sealed the music equipment of four establishments in the West End, as reported by the City Council in a press release.

Local police conducted several inspections throughout the West End in the week of 18th to 24th of August in an operation in which they checked the proper installation of sound limiters.

During the police action agents filed complaints to each business for having the sound limiters manipulated, so they emitted more decibels than allowed by municipal ordinances.

On Friday 6th of September the special Night Unit of the Local Police proceeded to seal the music equipment of these four establishments as a “precautionary measure until these irregularities are remedied”. In addition, three of the venues were denounced for carrying out their activity with open doors.

UMA Environmental Agents

Though the Night Unit enforced the action, it was agents of the Environmental Unit (UMA) of the Local Police who were responsible for conducting inspections and preparation of reports in this police action in the West End area, says the Consistory.

The initial sanction proposals contemplate from four to six months of suspension of the license of musical activity and economic fines ranging from 14,500 to 21,500 euros for manipulation of sound level limiters and maintenance of open doors.

[source: https://theibizan.com/4-west-end-bars-face-music-ban-fines-for-fixing-sound-metres/]